FFXV Episode Prompto! I wanted slightly more maybe?

As expected episode Prompto would cover the events of what happened with Prompto after he was thrown off the train by Noctis. And happily Ardyn and Aranea made an appearance as well. Since I was too curious about some people that showed up at the start of the game but never got screen time, I already read about Prompto’s dad, Verstael Besithia. So that moment of wonder when they show him went down the drain for me. And we already knew from the game that Prompto was one of the Magitek. But I must complain about the information given in the documents and recorded tapes. That was important stuff! Why not show a cut scene on it? Or maybe a surveillance video type stuff that shows infant Prompto being taken away? I wanted more visually presented information. Like showing those clone Promptos’ was cool. And as he was genetically created from Verstael he bore a resemblance to him. They both have the same eye colour as well. AND if you read my previous FFXV blog you might remember I complained about Prompto’s goatee? Well that facial hair pretty much resembles his dad’s.

There was a difference between infants and other Magitek and I didn’t fully grasp what the difference was. I know the many Promptos were clones what were not yet demonised and had the 4 digit code. Like Prompto has one. So the other ones are the ones that are demonised and the miasma is used to be the core of the machine ones? If so that doesn’t really mean they were killing people right? Or was the whole demonised miasma a person inside that metal? I will read up more about this.

I am still playing a second run of this episode. I still have to beat Aranea in the intense training. (I was so close too!). And I have to try on the new winter suit I got after the first run. And look at this. Did they really pull off an Elsa here? I had to check if Square Enix was involved with Frozen but didn’t find anything.


I did have my fun with taking all those selfies in the game, at the expense of the tech bar. But there was a trophy for it so why not. I spent my time trying to get one with the monkey monster thing that I was satisfied with. It kept moving so much. BUT IT’S NOT SAVED!!?? Because the last save point was behind it and there is no auto-save! There are checkpoints but I do not have the picture anymore. SAD! Here’s are others though. Time and place Prompto.



And there was an option where Prompto can either burn his wrist or leave it. I left it cause I am a wuss! But I’ll burn it this time lol. Prompto has a really sad theme though. Unlike episode Gladiolus. Though not as sad as Noctis’s. That makes me cry. They tried to make Prompto a sad story, which is actually sad, but there’s still some connection missing or something. That, or I’m just heartless like I keep saying. At the end though Prompto just drives away on his snow bike (for which I never did side quests for to upgrade it yet). But then shows up at the facility where Noctis and company rescues him. Soooooo did he get captured again or something? They do show Ardyn at the end again so maybe he has something to do with it. At first however I thought that maybe he imagined or hallucinated everything. Like Pryna came to him as well to rescue him from his sad dwellings and come to terms with his past and believe in his friend’s love for him. I really liked that part btw. But I quickly disposed it because he wasn’t really alone with Aranea being there and everything so no. He might have been captured again. It’s still strange that they didn’t show that. I wanted to see it.


What they did show however was Episode Ignis trailer! =D THIS I am waiting for. I realllyyy wanna see how he lost his eyesight. It broke my heart. I hope they show better cutscenes and give more information in it. Im looking way too forward to it to be disappointed. We all have to wait till December though. Ugggghhh! But I can’t complain if it’s going to be good. And painful. O.O




Life is Strange Ep 3, 4 and 5. Whaaaaat!

I have finally finished this game and woah! Aside from the fact that I want answers to some things, this game escalated way too much at the end. I didn’t feel that emotional rollercoaster like most people (because I’m a heartless freak) but I was very much amazed from the point she started going back in time through photos. Time paradoxes and messed up nightmares always get me. Things that don’t make sense but I need to make sense of. I always knew that the tornado was going to be Max’s fault for changing time, and I also knew that fixing it would require Chloe’s sacrifice. Maybe I’ve seen Steins; Gate too many times (which I fully recommend you watch as well if you loved this game). So that part was very predictable. What I didn’t see coming was that the main villain was Mr Jefferson! Absolutely insane! I normally do tend to suspect anyone who is the main character but this one got me. I was also a bit disappointed to find that Rachel was actually dead. That was the normal thing one would expect and so I thought that she’s probably still alive somewhere and also has powers like Max or is somehow the reason Max got the rewind ability in the first place. But no. She’s dead. Even though I understand that that was important since she’s the reason the whole investigation started and was so important.  In the alternate world where Chloe is in the wheelchair she probably would never get to that point of finding the truth because Chloe isn’t friends with Rachel. Speaking of Rachel, is the doe kinda like Rachel’s guiding spirit? Since it showed up in the junkyard twice which is where Rachel was buried. Or is it more of a symbol of Max and Rachel’s connection? Or maybe it is just Max’s spirit animal like Samuel said, except its more of a hallucination.


I might get what happened in which episode wrong but so many cool things happened in each episode. In episode 3 where we had to break into the Principal’s office with a bomb, that was the first time I realised that Max doesn’t move when reversing time. Which is how she gets in the office when it’s locked after she uses the bomb to open it and rewind. That was cool. But if she were to stand in front of a person, then walk behind him, and rewind, she would look like she teleported. That would be freaky! Also Rachel’s files showed she was a perfect student which again made me believe that she has time rewind ability to do perfect things. Wrong! She’s dead. Blah. Oh and the part where you have to decide between choosing to side with David or Chloe, oh my god. It was such a hard decision. I went back and forth before I finally decided to side with David cause family breaking up is too sad and Chloe is always a rebel so making her happy and Joyce sad felt wrong. So I decided Chloe was wrong here. (Like most times I think). I should mention you can’t rewind after this decision so I had to load from checkpoint a few times for this. And later I was happy I did. Cause David looked so sad as a bus driver in the alternative time and also he proved to be very useful later so yes!

Episode 4. So this is where the alternative time begins. And I could not kill Chloe. After I chose that I changed my mind but couldn’t go back. She was suffering and her parents were suffering and letting her go was the best option for everyone. But the hopeful real life person I am, I decided not to murder her and let her suffer slowly in hopes that she might recover or her parents will strike gold. Wishful thinking till the end. Sigh. Chloe’s death is inevitable. It was so weird though that Nathan and Victoria were nice to me. This is where I thought maybe they aren’t really bad because it didn’t feel like they were pretending to like me because I was now in the Vortex Club. It felt genuine. My doubts about Nathan especially changed at this point. Which reminds me, I COULDN’T SAVE ALYSSA IN THE VORTEX CLUB PARTY! So annoying. I did see her and I turned around and she wasn’t there so I thought it was a mistake. REWIND YOU IDIOT. And yeah I came back too late to find she needed help. But I did save her from dying in the end. Teehee. Okay so Mr Jefferson was at the party. Teachers at a student party look so out of place. Although he did have to announce the winner of the contest. But this was also a place where I doubted him for a second when he said “looks like you’re on a mission”. Hmmmmmmmm. Weiiirddd. It reminded me of the small cutscene where the principal was talking to him in the car before he drove off. But I brushed it off. I wish I hadn’t. And then he shot Chloe! And I couldn’t even rewind! It made me sad that that was always going to be Chloe’s fate. Poor Max.


Episode 5. Before I start. Max: “Life is …. Weird” *HAIR PULLING*. Really Max!??? The one time you could’ve said the the title name THIS WAS IT!! My brain hurt after this. But oh god Max. The number of times she had to go back in time though pictures would break anyone’s mind but she kept at it. Desperately trying to save her best friend. And it seems like her mind was at that point when she had that really freaky nightmare. IT WAS FREAKY. I loved it! Also the reverse audio school part was so cool! Especially when you’re walking though the hallway and even turn into Victoria, and Warren hooking up with Chloe (NO!), also the broken world where you have to avoid the search lights, and then going through the whole Chloe timeline, and RIGHT after that when she wakes up making Max decide does she want to save Chloe or not. Breaks your heart cause you know what you have to do, but first, lets make the player emotionally break by showing them all you went thorough to save your friend. But at the same time it shows you all the special moments you shared together and remember them. I actually chose to save Chloe first to see what happens and of course the tornado kills everyone and these two are saved and together. But it feels so depressing. This is that one time I felt respect for Chloe for not being selfish and telling Max that it’ll be okay. And that they spent this week together before it was time to say goodbye. But it’s so sad that Max is the only one who would remember it in the main timeline. But this ending felt much better. I would call it the real ending of course. Plus Max has all the info now to save everyone and get Mr Jefferson caught and help Kate. So the one thing that time forbid to change was Chloe to survive. Hmmm. But that funeral made me happy cause everyone was there. And Chloe was remembered. The world felt happier. Her sacrifice wasn’t for nothing. But poor Max.  ='( . At least Warren is alive now. And he believed her before so he’s a keeper.


Now I’ve already questioned a few things above already but how DID Max get those powers? It was after she took a picture of the butterfly. Now was this butterfly Chloe’s spirit thingie? If Max didn’t take a picture of it would she still have powers? Does she still have powers after Chloe is shot at the end? I really want an explanation to her getting those powers! Also seems like Max will never celebrate her birthday again since it’s when Chloe dies.

But oh well. I am really happy about the next game “Before the Storm”. They’ll probably answer some question about Rachel. And I reallyyyy want to play as Chloe and see what she had with Rachel as well. Just having some of the blanks filled would really help my curiosity for those details. I hope the game is just as engaging though. Since the basis of this game was rewind, and Max isn’t going to be there, what will the core mechanism be? Would I be right about Rachel rewinding time? =P Time will tell.

So I am now playing Neir: Automata these days. Loving every bit of it. Will hopefully write my next post on it when I’m done. Could be a while.

Till then byeeee!

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Fire Emblem Echoes. I have been converted!

I should put in a bit of history here so you lovely readers can understand a bit about why I came to love this game so much. As much as I watch anime I have never really played games that look or feel like them. Unless you’re counting Pokemon or even Digimon. You fall into a gaming pattern and start sticking to similar genre or games that are of similar feel or too mainstream. New genres are not exactly out of my comfort zone as I wish to play all sorts of games but sometimes you need something extra to pull you towards it because there are just so many wonderful games. Now I haven’t played any of the other Fire Emblem that came before it. So I am a first timer here. Furthermore it hasn’t been too long since I’ve bought a 3DS either. Not new to Nintendo but the last Gameboy I played avidly on was the Advance XP. So helloooo newbie.

So what made me play Fire Emblem? All the pretty ads with these anime looking characters that don’t look like a trap! If you know what I mean. I was hooked and needed to buy this as soon as it was released. I did have a 3DS now you know. =P And I was not disappointed. FAR from it. I was completely hooked since day 1. Since I was travelling as well, it went everywhere with me. I will indeed be playing the previous titles and the next. I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED! I say that because the hardcore gaming community finds it easy to target people who play such casual games and call themselves a gamer. Well I have news for you. Some battles in this game had me pulling my hair. Lets get to the actual game then.

So my first thoughts we all “oooooo preeetttyyyyyy”. But with that was also “The voice acting is a bit… fake” and then “why are kids falling falling in love?” *cringe*. But that said, I eventually got used to the voice… maybe because it was so consistent and playing it 24/7 does that. The brain is plastic. Huh. Now see I hadn’t looked too much into what the game was like. And to my surprise it was a tactical combat game and I was sooooo happy! The only one I played that was similar to this was Final Fantasy Tactics – War of the Lions. I started that game 3 times and very sadly never got to finish it. It still holds a special place with me. So this game triggered those feelings. I must say though FE was much easier. I played it on Medium though. If you get strong enough, the battle becomes easy because the enemies don’t really get stronger with you. But more enemies do spawn up over the map. The battle system however was pretty satisfying. The A B C’s on the characters didn’t make sense to me at first. Then I realised it was some support system that might have been better explained in the other parts but not well enough for first timers like me. The 3D animations during combat. LOVE. And you really connect with all the unique characters.


The characters! ❤ I could not let a single character die. As I played on the Classic settings I would lose my character if they die in battle. So thank god for the Turnwheel feature. As much as I would talk about every single character, lets not write a book here. =P Alm was a pretty cool character. I’m cliche like that to like characters that stick to one true love types. Also he was so much stronger than the other characters that I relied on him. All the soft spot for strong characters. Celica was shown to be a pretty strong character as well. Makes me so happy to see unbiased gender characters. The females in this game were strong, outspoken, leaders, nobles, and you know like normal girls where some can be shy and others outspoken. Some proper and some loud. I love that! Lets not forget the male characters of course. Female representation is easy to notice these days due to the importance and exposure given to it but the male characters in this game are just as spot on. I want to particularly mention Leon here. The game didn’t directly say that he was gay… but of course he was. He was completely into Valbar. But that aside he was shown to be a sensitive, caring person who wasn’t afraid to voice emotions. Thumbs up for that. And I loved Clair! She was pretty reckless despite how proper she was. And Matildah. ❤ I should just outright say it again that I love the characters! Mostly the ones in Alms army. Python! Lukas! Also Saber my life saver. ❤ Yup. You get it. I’m in love. I don’t like Faye though. She has a creepy level of love for Alm. *shiver*. Poor thing.

Story time. Slightly (and a bit more) predictable. I guessed way too soon that Alm was the emperor’s son. The brand and then later he picked up the royal sword which pretty much confirmed it. So the sad part where he kills the emperor wasn’t too sad but more like “I knew it already”. However the Fernand, Berkut and Renea side of the story did make me teary (not literally pls). And the cut scenes made me so happy. They’re so beautiful. I need to watch it all again in one sitting. LOOK! PRETTY!


Also Mila and Duma creeped me out at one point each. Look at Mila here.


The story was well written but was also straight forward. Not that I am complaining about that. Would have liked to know more about Zeke and Tatiana though. However the last battle was sooooo annoying! My characters kept dying and I had to restart. And Jeddah just wouldn’t die! Urrghhh. Took me 2 whole days to get through that… and… and. I SACRIFICED 4 CHARACTERS CAUSE I WAS ALMOST DONE AND I DIDN’T WANT TO START OVER BWWAAAHHHHH!



  • Clair
  • Zeke
  • Conrad
  • Palla

I let you all die. And then at the end there was a short “what happens next” story for each character and it was sad for the ones who died! And I was so heartbroken! I had to go online to look up what the alternative was if they were. Cause I HAD to pretend they were alive cause I was getting so depressed! … hmmm… what?… YES I KNOW IT’S A GAME! Sheesh. I can’t help it okay!?

But all in all you see I fully enjoyed this game. And I would recommend it to others. I can see why it has such a fanbase and now I am definitely one of them. Hopefully I’ll get around to playing the previous ones as well.

I also finished Life is Strange so look out for that in the next post!


Final Fantasy XV Thoughts. So many feeeeels.

I had been meaning to play this game… I don’t know 10 years ago??? Being the Final Fantasy fanatic I was convinced I needed a PS3 when Final Fantasy XIII Versus was announced. And even when I bought this game on the release date I had to wait to play it cause dun dun dun DUN! dissertation happened. But now it’s been more than a month since I’ve finished this game. (And I WILL plat it) the game still lingers in my head.


Look at them! They’re so pretty! =3 Ahem. So where do I even begin? I watched the anime Brotherhood and Kingsglaive a couple of times before I played the game. So easy to say I was already attached to the characters. More so than the people who played the game only and complained about not getting to see too much of Luna or having the game feeling like it was rushed in the end. Believe me when I say I completely understand those claims. I wanted more of Luna in the game as well but not being attached to her wasn’t my main concern since Kingsglaive has featured her pretty well. Good movie. Very good movie. And Nyx is just love! You cannot not like him. Everything about the whole story is sad. It started sad, It ended sad. I am sad.

If you hate spoilers run away. Now.

Sigh! I played this game from dawn to dusk and finished it in 5 days. I was depressed afterwards. The whole Lucis line had to be destroyed to win. The victory did not feel like a victory. Like it said, everyone killed themselves to save the King of all Kings, the chosen one, so that he may sacrifice himself to save everyone. And he goes through with it! Every bit of it. Even though he did not want to. His friends knowing it all had to suffer as well. Ardyn was one hell of a villain though. He was crazy but so calculated. If anything it was his victory. He wanted to die as well but he was gonna have his revenge first. It was all for the best but it was so sad. Luna died and even though it was a great tragedy, what got me was that Ignis lost his vision. THAT was heartbreaking. Considering we played with him more I understand why that was the case. The the way they all reacted to his new disability and his resilience. Felt like everyone wanted to cry but couldn’t. I’M SO SAD!


Okay gloomy stuff out of the way (if that’s even possible), the game is so preettyyyyy! I love the world and REGALIA! ❤ ❤ ❤ There’s this part in the game where you have to go retrieve your car after it gets taken by the empire and I was like HELL YEAH I WANT MY CAR BACK! Can’t do anything without it! And when it flies ahhhhhhhh! Best. Car. Ever. EVEN THE CAR GETS DESTROYED AT THE END! I should stop screaming.

Is it just me or the Luna dying cutscene is one of the most breathtaking cutscenes I have ever seen. I was in denial that she dies because of this one spoiler that I saw about a wedding scene at the end so I was like “Oh she doesn’t die then. It’ll all be a happy ending” KILL ME. THEY ALL DIE. (Stop screaming pls). I loved that last wedding scene though. (In a hate kinda way). Luna is 10 years dead in the past and the adult Noctis joins her and they are finally at peace and together. And then the title screen changes. *tears* I saw a Youtube video where there was a theory about what Noctis and Luna sleeping at the end represents. This video is one of my favourite ending explained video about this. Have a look. Its so funny. Eps the Ifrit part. So funny.


Which brings me to the summon part of the game which the Final Fantasy series are very well known for. Some people complained how the summons were so random and that you cant control them. I love that bit actually. They are like Gods in the game. And from how they are represented they aren’t the pushover “I will heed your every command” types. So the fact that they show up when you’re in critical conditions and also by the location on the map is VERY cool. I managed to see every summon so yayy. I didn’t think I’d get Leviathan but I did! hehehe. So yeah I loved the summon system. That little L2 at the bottom on the screen that makes you go YES!

Fans say the ending part was rushed and pretty linear. I somehow didn’t mind that. Maybe Im a bit biased when it comes to FF. However it was pretty much nearing the end and it was the climax. I personally wanted no distractions! So the linear play through worked perfectly for me. It was a bit too long though. Slightly too long. And those who didn’t go back and play the Gladio and Ignis side of things would never know what happened to the emperor. I wish he had more screen time. He played a major role in the film and then just cast aside. Ardyn of course was the main villain but the movie ends up feeling a bit separate since Luna didn’t get enough screen time either.

I just remembered the ending again. There’s so much to talk about this game ugh. I can’t do this in one post hahaha. But omg my brain cannot comprehend how he just had to merge with the power of the crystal for 10 whole years while the world was going to hell and his bros were just living through it and waiting for him. Did that experiance strengthen their resolve and made them more sure of what needed to be done. Would have made the parting a bit easier no? But Noctis? =( He loses Luna, then is alone merging with the crystal, stripped of his youth, have his life taken by the old kings and his DAD, just so he could finally purge the world of demons. The city destroyed. His bloodline ended and with it the magic, cause lets not forget only the kings had those powers that they could lend. The Ring of Lucii served it’s purpose. The king saved the kingdom while there is no more of that kingdom left. WHO WROTE THIS!? Really. Sadist.

Sigh. Now that I am done crying I need to take this moment to finally drool over the characters *drooooooolllll*


Gladiolus is by far the best out of the bros until the time lapse and they all grow up. Then NOCTIS! Adult 30 year old Noctis is such a pretty character. Best design I have seen in so long! I also like adult Ignis better. He fixed his hair. I think it goes more with his “Mr Perfect” personality. However WHAT DID THEY DO TO PROMPTO! NO! (Seriously stop screaming.) Prompto does not need that fake goatee. I know its not fake but no. Pls. Menolikey.

I think I had my bit of fun thinking about all of this again. I pretty sure in 5 mins I’ll go like “Wait there’s this other thing I had to say too” (I already did it 5 time writing this). So I will stop now.

*Pssst talk about Episode Gladio*


Episode Prompto is almost out though. Eeeep. Im more excited about Ignis though. But yeah I am excited. I get to see what happens when he falls off the train. Given that is what they are covering right? Ignis story better be about when he was blinded. Huh.

I know I will “drag on” about this so I will seriously stop. Get it? Drag-on. (I am sorry)

Fire Emblems Echoes will be next.


Life is Strange – Ep 1 & 2 Thoughts


Here is my first review! Yayyyy!

I actually wanted to start out with Final Fantasy XV because I loved it so much and it’s been a while since I finished that and my thoughts about it are fading. Not good.

Also I should mention my reviews are not like those of a critic. I just want to write whatever pops up in my head so I guess it is more suited for people who have already played it? Meh.

Anywhoooo. Life is Strange. I’m sorry if I post spoilers but I probably will have no filter when I start to write about it. Brief intro… this is a time altering, choice based game. So probably what I experience is not what everyone experiences. Which is kinda like every game but more obvious in this. Duh. So Max, the female protagonist, can rewind time for a short period. Episode 1 starts out with her on a stormy night, actually a tornado night, but wakes up when a lighthouse is destroyed (was it by lightening? well tornado you know)  and falls on her and she finds herself in class. So she thinks it was all a dream. But later she discovers she can rewind time when she encounters a blue butterfly and saves a person from dying right after said class. So episode 1 introduces you to all of that if you haven’t played it. Skipping forward… I love the idea that you get new options once you’ve already talked to the person and always have the best thing to say. Its like when you think in real life that “Ah! I knew that. Wish I could’ve said it first” kinda feeling. Then when I thought about how she was now starting to get on everyone’s good side and saying the perfect things esp. like when with Justin (High skater boy) she got the names of the flips right, he mentioned Rachel Amber! That was when I thought did Rachel have rewind powers? She was liked by everyone (minus Victoria) and was into multiple things without messing up so  hmmmmmm. Also Chloe is cool. Not what I imagined from the trailers. I don’t know. She gets on my nerves sometimes. Mostly in episode 2. Which I will talk abouuutttt…. NOW.

JUST finished episode 2 and it was really cool. The highlight was of course the train track scene. Ugh I was annoyed that I couldn’t go back and change the way I saved Chloe. I really get hung up on choosing the perfect answer and also to get all the optional pictures. I missed a few in ep1 but got them all in ep2. But like I mentioned Chloe was so annoying when I picked up Kate’s call in the dinner. No way was I gonna even rewind and check what happened if I didn’t. The whole “But I’m your best friend” drama is so childish. I did what I had to and I DID save Kate at the end so Booyah! No rewind powers at the time available so yeah. I was so stressed. I had to save her. The junkyard part really gave me a headache though. I have a bad sense of direction so I kept getting lost. I was also dehydrated and wasn’t getting up so TEEHEE. And lets not forget Nathan! UGHHH! I will pick a fight with him! Daddy’s boy. “Bring on the lawyers. *shivers* I’ll deal with you. I have rewind powers! (Please work powers. Pls.)” And Warren is cool. I like Warren.

I’ll probably get more and more different ideas about how this’ll turn out in the end but I need to play episode 3 like right now. See I’m sitting and waiting to play it. So more later on episode 3!


Bye! *Awkward*

(Seriously how do you end blogs? )

First post! (a.k.a Newbie Test Post)

I have never blogged in my life. As I lay awake trying not to put this off by tomorrow I now find myself writing this blog thinking someone will read it. But I am actually just writing this for myself. Plus I need to check how all these tools work.


Hello (Hello me?)

I play A LOT of games. I also make them. So now I will blog them-ish. The purpose of this blog is for me to review games. Or maybe books. Anime as well maybe? but also to write down all the thoughts that occupy my brain when I play games. I do not know if I can write articles but here I am free to write my post as long as I want or as little as one thought. I just really want to get things out sometimes. So I like this. Lets see where I am going with this.

What I am playing these days (Or have recently finished and want to write about):

  • Final Fantasy XV (Finished)
  • Life is Strange (Playing)
  • Fire Emblems Echoes (Finished)
Just these 3 flashing back and forth in my head.
I am testing so I will stop here. I need to sleep. But yay I started this. Wonder if I’ll regret this in the morning. I can get obsessive about things.
(How do you end blog posts?)