First post! (a.k.a Newbie Test Post)

I have never blogged in my life. As I lay awake trying not to put this off by tomorrow I now find myself writing this blog thinking someone will read it. But I am actually just writing this for myself. Plus I need to check how all these tools work.


Hello (Hello me?)

I play A LOT of games. I also make them. So now I will blog them-ish. The purpose of this blog is for me to review games. Or maybe books. Anime as well maybe? but also to write down all the thoughts that occupy my brain when I play games. I do not know if I can write articles but here I am free to write my post as long as I want or as little as one thought. I just really want to get things out sometimes. So I like this. Lets see where I am going with this.

What I am playing these days (Or have recently finished and want to write about):

  • Final Fantasy XV (Finished)
  • Life is Strange (Playing)
  • Fire Emblems Echoes (Finished)
Just these 3 flashing back and forth in my head.
I am testing so I will stop here. I need to sleep. But yay I started this. Wonder if I’ll regret this in the morning. I can get obsessive about things.
(How do you end blog posts?)

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