Life is Strange – Ep 1 & 2 Thoughts


Here is my first review! Yayyyy!

I actually wanted to start out with Final Fantasy XV because I loved it so much and it’s been a while since I finished that and my thoughts about it are fading. Not good.

Also I should mention my reviews are not like those of a critic. I just want to write whatever pops up in my head so I guess it is more suited for people who have already played it? Meh.

Anywhoooo. Life is Strange. I’m sorry if I post spoilers but I probably will have no filter when I start to write about it. Brief intro… this is a time altering, choice based game. So probably what I experience is not what everyone experiences. Which is kinda like every game but more obvious in this. Duh. So Max, the female protagonist, can rewind time for a short period. Episode 1 starts out with her on a stormy night, actually a tornado night, but wakes up when a lighthouse is destroyed (was it by lightening? well tornado you know) ¬†and falls on her and she finds herself in class. So she thinks it was all a dream. But later she discovers she can rewind time when she encounters a blue butterfly and saves a person from dying right after said class. So episode 1 introduces you to all of that if you haven’t played it. Skipping forward… I love the idea that you get new options once you’ve already talked to the person and always have the best thing to say. Its like when you think in real life that “Ah! I knew that. Wish I could’ve said it first” kinda feeling. Then when I thought about how she was now starting to get on everyone’s good side and saying the perfect things esp. like when with Justin (High skater boy) she got the names of the flips right, he mentioned Rachel Amber! That was when I thought did Rachel have rewind powers? She was liked by everyone (minus Victoria) and was into multiple things without messing up so ¬†hmmmmmm. Also Chloe is cool. Not what I imagined from the trailers. I don’t know. She gets on my nerves sometimes. Mostly in episode 2. Which I will talk abouuutttt…. NOW.

JUST finished episode 2 and it was really cool. The highlight was of course the train track scene. Ugh I was annoyed that I couldn’t go back and change the way I saved Chloe. I really get hung up on choosing the perfect answer and also to get all the optional pictures. I missed a few in ep1 but got them all in ep2. But like I mentioned Chloe was so annoying when I picked up Kate’s call in the dinner. No way was I gonna even rewind and check what happened if I didn’t. The whole “But I’m your best friend” drama is so childish. I did what I had to and I DID save Kate at the end so Booyah! No rewind powers at the time available so yeah. I was so stressed. I had to save her. The junkyard part really gave me a headache though. I have a bad sense of direction so I kept getting lost. I was also dehydrated and wasn’t getting up so TEEHEE. And lets not forget Nathan! UGHHH! I will pick a fight with him! Daddy’s boy. “Bring on the lawyers. *shivers* I’ll deal with you. I have rewind powers! (Please work powers. Pls.)” And Warren is cool. I like Warren.

I’ll probably get more and more different ideas about how this’ll turn out in the end but I need to play episode 3 like right now. See I’m sitting and waiting to play it. So more later on episode 3!


Bye! *Awkward*

(Seriously how do you end blogs? )


2 thoughts on “Life is Strange – Ep 1 & 2 Thoughts

  1. I share your annoyance at Chloe. So far I’m really enjoying Life is Strange too, only half way through episode 3. As you said the whole rewind to fix a conversation is genius. I might just start doing that in real life. Walk backwards a little then pretend a conversation never happened and start fresh. I don’t know how to end blog posts either unless you have some catchy sign off about dragons not being able to blog.


    1. Hey that might just actually work. Rewind the conversation in your head and leave the other person guessing. And oh yes catchy dragon sign offs! I need to start thinking of some. This will get real lame real fast. Also thank you for the comment. This is fun. =P

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