Final Fantasy XV Thoughts. So many feeeeels.

I had been meaning to play this game… I don’t know 10 years ago??? Being the Final Fantasy fanatic I was convinced I needed a PS3 when Final Fantasy XIII Versus was announced. And even when I bought this game on the release date I had to wait to play it cause dun dun dun DUN! dissertation happened. But now it’s been more than a month since I’ve finished this game. (And I WILL plat it) the game still lingers in my head.


Look at them! They’re so pretty! =3 Ahem. So where do I even begin? I watched the anime Brotherhood and Kingsglaive a couple of times before I played the game. So easy to say I was already attached to the characters. More so than the people who played the game only and complained about not getting to see too much of Luna or having the game feeling like it was rushed in the end. Believe me when I say I completely understand those claims. I wanted more of Luna in the game as well but not being attached to her wasn’t my main concern since Kingsglaive has featured her pretty well. Good movie. Very good movie. And Nyx is just love! You cannot not like him. Everything about the whole story is sad. It started sad, It ended sad. I am sad.

If you hate spoilers run away. Now.

Sigh! I played this game from dawn to dusk and finished it in 5 days. I was depressed afterwards. The whole Lucis line had to be destroyed to win. The victory did not feel like a victory. Like it said, everyone killed themselves to save the King of all Kings, the chosen one, so that he may sacrifice himself to save everyone. And he goes through with it! Every bit of it. Even though he did not want to. His friends knowing it all had to suffer as well. Ardyn was one hell of a villain though. He was crazy but so calculated. If anything it was his victory. He wanted to die as well but he was gonna have his revenge first. It was all for the best but it was so sad. Luna died and even though it was a great tragedy, what got me was that Ignis lost his vision. THAT was heartbreaking. Considering we played with him more I understand why that was the case. The the way they all reacted to his new disability and his resilience. Felt like everyone wanted to cry but couldn’t. I’M SO SAD!


Okay gloomy stuff out of the way (if that’s even possible), the game is so preettyyyyy! I love the world and REGALIA! ❤ ❤ ❤ There’s this part in the game where you have to go retrieve your car after it gets taken by the empire and I was like HELL YEAH I WANT MY CAR BACK! Can’t do anything without it! And when it flies ahhhhhhhh! Best. Car. Ever. EVEN THE CAR GETS DESTROYED AT THE END! I should stop screaming.

Is it just me or the Luna dying cutscene is one of the most breathtaking cutscenes I have ever seen. I was in denial that she dies because of this one spoiler that I saw about a wedding scene at the end so I was like “Oh she doesn’t die then. It’ll all be a happy ending” KILL ME. THEY ALL DIE. (Stop screaming pls). I loved that last wedding scene though. (In a hate kinda way). Luna is 10 years dead in the past and the adult Noctis joins her and they are finally at peace and together. And then the title screen changes. *tears* I saw a Youtube video where there was a theory about what Noctis and Luna sleeping at the end represents. This video is one of my favourite ending explained video about this. Have a look. Its so funny. Eps the Ifrit part. So funny.


Which brings me to the summon part of the game which the Final Fantasy series are very well known for. Some people complained how the summons were so random and that you cant control them. I love that bit actually. They are like Gods in the game. And from how they are represented they aren’t the pushover “I will heed your every command” types. So the fact that they show up when you’re in critical conditions and also by the location on the map is VERY cool. I managed to see every summon so yayy. I didn’t think I’d get Leviathan but I did! hehehe. So yeah I loved the summon system. That little L2 at the bottom on the screen that makes you go YES!

Fans say the ending part was rushed and pretty linear. I somehow didn’t mind that. Maybe Im a bit biased when it comes to FF. However it was pretty much nearing the end and it was the climax. I personally wanted no distractions! So the linear play through worked perfectly for me. It was a bit too long though. Slightly too long. And those who didn’t go back and play the Gladio and Ignis side of things would never know what happened to the emperor. I wish he had more screen time. He played a major role in the film and then just cast aside. Ardyn of course was the main villain but the movie ends up feeling a bit separate since Luna didn’t get enough screen time either.

I just remembered the ending again. There’s so much to talk about this game ugh. I can’t do this in one post hahaha. But omg my brain cannot comprehend how he just had to merge with the power of the crystal for 10 whole years while the world was going to hell and his bros were just living through it and waiting for him. Did that experiance strengthen their resolve and made them more sure of what needed to be done. Would have made the parting a bit easier no? But Noctis? =( He loses Luna, then is alone merging with the crystal, stripped of his youth, have his life taken by the old kings and his DAD, just so he could finally purge the world of demons. The city destroyed. His bloodline ended and with it the magic, cause lets not forget only the kings had those powers that they could lend. The Ring of Lucii served it’s purpose. The king saved the kingdom while there is no more of that kingdom left. WHO WROTE THIS!? Really. Sadist.

Sigh. Now that I am done crying I need to take this moment to finally drool over the characters *drooooooolllll*


Gladiolus is by far the best out of the bros until the time lapse and they all grow up. Then NOCTIS! Adult 30 year old Noctis is such a pretty character. Best design I have seen in so long! I also like adult Ignis better. He fixed his hair. I think it goes more with his “Mr Perfect” personality. However WHAT DID THEY DO TO PROMPTO! NO! (Seriously stop screaming.) Prompto does not need that fake goatee. I know its not fake but no. Pls. Menolikey.

I think I had my bit of fun thinking about all of this again. I pretty sure in 5 mins I’ll go like “Wait there’s this other thing I had to say too” (I already did it 5 time writing this). So I will stop now.

*Pssst talk about Episode Gladio*


Episode Prompto is almost out though. Eeeep. Im more excited about Ignis though. But yeah I am excited. I get to see what happens when he falls off the train. Given that is what they are covering right? Ignis story better be about when he was blinded. Huh.

I know I will “drag on” about this so I will seriously stop. Get it? Drag-on. (I am sorry)

Fire Emblems Echoes will be next.



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