Fire Emblem Echoes. I have been converted!

I should put in a bit of history here so you lovely readers can understand a bit about why I came to love this game so much. As much as I watch anime I have never really played games that look or feel like them. Unless you’re counting Pokemon or even Digimon. You fall into a gaming pattern and start sticking to similar genre or games that are of similar feel or too mainstream. New genres are not exactly out of my comfort zone as I wish to play all sorts of games but sometimes you need something extra to pull you towards it because there are just so many wonderful games. Now I haven’t played any of the other Fire Emblem that came before it. So I am a first timer here. Furthermore it hasn’t been too long since I’ve bought a 3DS either. Not new to Nintendo but the last Gameboy I played avidly on was the Advance XP. So helloooo newbie.

So what made me play Fire Emblem? All the pretty ads with these anime looking characters that don’t look like a trap! If you know what I mean. I was hooked and needed to buy this as soon as it was released. I did have a 3DS now you know. =P And I was not disappointed. FAR from it. I was completely hooked since day 1. Since I was travelling as well, it went everywhere with me. I will indeed be playing the previous titles and the next. I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED! I say that because the hardcore gaming community finds it easy to target people who play such casual games and call themselves a gamer. Well I have news for you. Some battles in this game had me pulling my hair. Lets get to the actual game then.

So my first thoughts we all “oooooo preeetttyyyyyy”. But with that was also “The voice acting is a bit… fake” and then “why are kids falling falling in love?” *cringe*. But that said, I eventually got used to the voice… maybe because it was so consistent and playing it 24/7 does that. The brain is plastic. Huh. Now see I hadn’t looked too much into what the game was like. And to my surprise it was a tactical combat game and I was sooooo happy! The only one I played that was similar to this was Final Fantasy Tactics – War of the Lions. I started that game 3 times and very sadly never got to finish it. It still holds a special place with me. So this game triggered those feelings. I must say though FE was much easier. I played it on Medium though. If you get strong enough, the battle becomes easy because the enemies don’t really get stronger with you. But more enemies do spawn up over the map. The battle system however was pretty satisfying. The A B C’s on the characters didn’t make sense to me at first. Then I realised it was some support system that might have been better explained in the other parts but not well enough for first timers like me. The 3D animations during combat. LOVE. And you really connect with all the unique characters.


The characters! ❤ I could not let a single character die. As I played on the Classic settings I would lose my character if they die in battle. So thank god for the Turnwheel feature. As much as I would talk about every single character, lets not write a book here. =P Alm was a pretty cool character. I’m cliche like that to like characters that stick to one true love types. Also he was so much stronger than the other characters that I relied on him. All the soft spot for strong characters. Celica was shown to be a pretty strong character as well. Makes me so happy to see unbiased gender characters. The females in this game were strong, outspoken, leaders, nobles, and you know like normal girls where some can be shy and others outspoken. Some proper and some loud. I love that! Lets not forget the male characters of course. Female representation is easy to notice these days due to the importance and exposure given to it but the male characters in this game are just as spot on. I want to particularly mention Leon here. The game didn’t directly say that he was gay… but of course he was. He was completely into Valbar. But that aside he was shown to be a sensitive, caring person who wasn’t afraid to voice emotions. Thumbs up for that. And I loved Clair! She was pretty reckless despite how proper she was. And Matildah. ❤ I should just outright say it again that I love the characters! Mostly the ones in Alms army. Python! Lukas! Also Saber my life saver. ❤ Yup. You get it. I’m in love. I don’t like Faye though. She has a creepy level of love for Alm. *shiver*. Poor thing.

Story time. Slightly (and a bit more) predictable. I guessed way too soon that Alm was the emperor’s son. The brand and then later he picked up the royal sword which pretty much confirmed it. So the sad part where he kills the emperor wasn’t too sad but more like “I knew it already”. However the Fernand, Berkut and Renea side of the story did make me teary (not literally pls). And the cut scenes made me so happy. They’re so beautiful. I need to watch it all again in one sitting. LOOK! PRETTY!


Also Mila and Duma creeped me out at one point each. Look at Mila here.


The story was well written but was also straight forward. Not that I am complaining about that. Would have liked to know more about Zeke and Tatiana though. However the last battle was sooooo annoying! My characters kept dying and I had to restart. And Jeddah just wouldn’t die! Urrghhh. Took me 2 whole days to get through that… and… and. I SACRIFICED 4 CHARACTERS CAUSE I WAS ALMOST DONE AND I DIDN’T WANT TO START OVER BWWAAAHHHHH!



  • Clair
  • Zeke
  • Conrad
  • Palla

I let you all die. And then at the end there was a short “what happens next” story for each character and it was sad for the ones who died! And I was so heartbroken! I had to go online to look up what the alternative was if they were. Cause I HAD to pretend they were alive cause I was getting so depressed! … hmmm… what?… YES I KNOW IT’S A GAME! Sheesh. I can’t help it okay!?

But all in all you see I fully enjoyed this game. And I would recommend it to others. I can see why it has such a fanbase and now I am definitely one of them. Hopefully I’ll get around to playing the previous ones as well.

I also finished Life is Strange so look out for that in the next post!



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