Life is Strange Ep 3, 4 and 5. Whaaaaat!

I have finally finished this game and woah! Aside from the fact that I want answers to some things, this game escalated way too much at the end. I didn’t feel that emotional rollercoaster like most people (because I’m a heartless freak) but I was very much amazed from the point she started going back in time through photos. Time paradoxes and messed up nightmares always get me. Things that don’t make sense but I need to make sense of. I always knew that the tornado was going to be Max’s fault for changing time, and I also knew that fixing it would require Chloe’s sacrifice. Maybe I’ve seen Steins; Gate too many times (which I fully recommend you watch as well if you loved this game). So that part was very predictable. What I didn’t see coming was that the main villain was Mr Jefferson! Absolutely insane! I normally do tend to suspect anyone who is the main character but this one got me. I was also a bit disappointed to find that Rachel was actually dead. That was the normal thing one would expect and so I thought that she’s probably still alive somewhere and also has powers like Max or is somehow the reason Max got the rewind ability in the first place. But no. She’s dead. Even though I understand that that was important since she’s the reason the whole investigation started and was so important.  In the alternate world where Chloe is in the wheelchair she probably would never get to that point of finding the truth because Chloe isn’t friends with Rachel. Speaking of Rachel, is the doe kinda like Rachel’s guiding spirit? Since it showed up in the junkyard twice which is where Rachel was buried. Or is it more of a symbol of Max and Rachel’s connection? Or maybe it is just Max’s spirit animal like Samuel said, except its more of a hallucination.


I might get what happened in which episode wrong but so many cool things happened in each episode. In episode 3 where we had to break into the Principal’s office with a bomb, that was the first time I realised that Max doesn’t move when reversing time. Which is how she gets in the office when it’s locked after she uses the bomb to open it and rewind. That was cool. But if she were to stand in front of a person, then walk behind him, and rewind, she would look like she teleported. That would be freaky! Also Rachel’s files showed she was a perfect student which again made me believe that she has time rewind ability to do perfect things. Wrong! She’s dead. Blah. Oh and the part where you have to decide between choosing to side with David or Chloe, oh my god. It was such a hard decision. I went back and forth before I finally decided to side with David cause family breaking up is too sad and Chloe is always a rebel so making her happy and Joyce sad felt wrong. So I decided Chloe was wrong here. (Like most times I think). I should mention you can’t rewind after this decision so I had to load from checkpoint a few times for this. And later I was happy I did. Cause David looked so sad as a bus driver in the alternative time and also he proved to be very useful later so yes!

Episode 4. So this is where the alternative time begins. And I could not kill Chloe. After I chose that I changed my mind but couldn’t go back. She was suffering and her parents were suffering and letting her go was the best option for everyone. But the hopeful real life person I am, I decided not to murder her and let her suffer slowly in hopes that she might recover or her parents will strike gold. Wishful thinking till the end. Sigh. Chloe’s death is inevitable. It was so weird though that Nathan and Victoria were nice to me. This is where I thought maybe they aren’t really bad because it didn’t feel like they were pretending to like me because I was now in the Vortex Club. It felt genuine. My doubts about Nathan especially changed at this point. Which reminds me, I COULDN’T SAVE ALYSSA IN THE VORTEX CLUB PARTY! So annoying. I did see her and I turned around and she wasn’t there so I thought it was a mistake. REWIND YOU IDIOT. And yeah I came back too late to find she needed help. But I did save her from dying in the end. Teehee. Okay so Mr Jefferson was at the party. Teachers at a student party look so out of place. Although he did have to announce the winner of the contest. But this was also a place where I doubted him for a second when he said “looks like you’re on a mission”. Hmmmmmmmm. Weiiirddd. It reminded me of the small cutscene where the principal was talking to him in the car before he drove off. But I brushed it off. I wish I hadn’t. And then he shot Chloe! And I couldn’t even rewind! It made me sad that that was always going to be Chloe’s fate. Poor Max.


Episode 5. Before I start. Max: “Life is …. Weird” *HAIR PULLING*. Really Max!??? The one time you could’ve said the the title name THIS WAS IT!! My brain hurt after this. But oh god Max. The number of times she had to go back in time though pictures would break anyone’s mind but she kept at it. Desperately trying to save her best friend. And it seems like her mind was at that point when she had that really freaky nightmare. IT WAS FREAKY. I loved it! Also the reverse audio school part was so cool! Especially when you’re walking though the hallway and even turn into Victoria, and Warren hooking up with Chloe (NO!), also the broken world where you have to avoid the search lights, and then going through the whole Chloe timeline, and RIGHT after that when she wakes up making Max decide does she want to save Chloe or not. Breaks your heart cause you know what you have to do, but first, lets make the player emotionally break by showing them all you went thorough to save your friend. But at the same time it shows you all the special moments you shared together and remember them. I actually chose to save Chloe first to see what happens and of course the tornado kills everyone and these two are saved and together. But it feels so depressing. This is that one time I felt respect for Chloe for not being selfish and telling Max that it’ll be okay. And that they spent this week together before it was time to say goodbye. But it’s so sad that Max is the only one who would remember it in the main timeline. But this ending felt much better. I would call it the real ending of course. Plus Max has all the info now to save everyone and get Mr Jefferson caught and help Kate. So the one thing that time forbid to change was Chloe to survive. Hmmm. But that funeral made me happy cause everyone was there. And Chloe was remembered. The world felt happier. Her sacrifice wasn’t for nothing. But poor Max.  ='( . At least Warren is alive now. And he believed her before so he’s a keeper.


Now I’ve already questioned a few things above already but how DID Max get those powers? It was after she took a picture of the butterfly. Now was this butterfly Chloe’s spirit thingie? If Max didn’t take a picture of it would she still have powers? Does she still have powers after Chloe is shot at the end? I really want an explanation to her getting those powers! Also seems like Max will never celebrate her birthday again since it’s when Chloe dies.

But oh well. I am really happy about the next game “Before the Storm”. They’ll probably answer some question about Rachel. And I reallyyyy want to play as Chloe and see what she had with Rachel as well. Just having some of the blanks filled would really help my curiosity for those details. I hope the game is just as engaging though. Since the basis of this game was rewind, and Max isn’t going to be there, what will the core mechanism be? Would I be right about Rachel rewinding time? =P Time will tell.

So I am now playing Neir: Automata these days. Loving every bit of it. Will hopefully write my next post on it when I’m done. Could be a while.

Till then byeeee!

P.S Follow Sakimi Chan. She is awesome. Look. You’ll find her on DeviantArt and Facebook.



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