FFXV Episode Prompto! I wanted slightly more maybe?

As expected episode Prompto would cover the events of what happened with Prompto after he was thrown off the train by Noctis. And happily Ardyn and Aranea made an appearance as well. Since I was too curious about some people that showed up at the start of the game but never got screen time, I already read about Prompto’s dad, Verstael Besithia. So that moment of wonder when they show him went down the drain for me. And we already knew from the game that Prompto was one of the Magitek. But I must complain about the information given in the documents and recorded tapes. That was important stuff! Why not show a cut scene on it? Or maybe a surveillance video type stuff that shows infant Prompto being taken away? I wanted more visually presented information. Like showing those clone Promptos’ was cool. And as he was genetically created from Verstael he bore a resemblance to him. They both have the same eye colour as well. AND if you read my previous FFXV blog you might remember I complained about Prompto’s goatee? Well that facial hair pretty much resembles his dad’s.

There was a difference between infants and other Magitek and I didn’t fully grasp what the difference was. I know the many Promptos were clones what were not yet demonised and had the 4 digit code. Like Prompto has one. So the other ones are the ones that are demonised and the miasma is used to be the core of the machine ones? If so that doesn’t really mean they were killing people right? Or was the whole demonised miasma a person inside that metal? I will read up more about this.

I am still playing a second run of this episode. I still have to beat Aranea in the intense training. (I was so close too!). And I have to try on the new winter suit I got after the first run. And look at this. Did they really pull off an Elsa here? I had to check if Square Enix was involved with Frozen but didn’t find anything.


I did have my fun with taking all those selfies in the game, at the expense of the tech bar. But there was a trophy for it so why not. I spent my time trying to get one with the monkey monster thing that I was satisfied with. It kept moving so much. BUT IT’S NOT SAVED!!?? Because the last save point was behind it and there is no auto-save! There are checkpoints but I do not have the picture anymore. SAD! Here’s are others though. Time and place Prompto.



And there was an option where Prompto can either burn his wrist or leave it. I left it cause I am a wuss! But I’ll burn it this time lol. Prompto has a really sad theme though. Unlike episode Gladiolus. Though not as sad as Noctis’s. That makes me cry. They tried to make Prompto a sad story, which is actually sad, but there’s still some connection missing or something. That, or I’m just heartless like I keep saying. At the end though Prompto just drives away on his snow bike (for which I never did side quests for to upgrade it yet). But then shows up at the facility where Noctis and company rescues him. Soooooo did he get captured again or something? They do show Ardyn at the end again so maybe he has something to do with it. At first however I thought that maybe he imagined or hallucinated everything. Like Pryna came to him as well to rescue him from his sad dwellings and come to terms with his past and believe in his friend’s love for him. I really liked that part btw. But I quickly disposed it because he wasn’t really alone with Aranea being there and everything so no. He might have been captured again. It’s still strange that they didn’t show that. I wanted to see it.


What they did show however was Episode Ignis trailer! =D THIS I am waiting for. I realllyyy wanna see how he lost his eyesight. It broke my heart. I hope they show better cutscenes and give more information in it. Im looking way too forward to it to be disappointed. We all have to wait till December though. Ugggghhh! But I can’t complain if it’s going to be good. And painful. O.O




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